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17 Jan

you matter

women are nurturers through and through. we were created to re-create life and literally make the world go around. we have this built into our DNA, to put others before ourselves and always be super critical about ourselves. okay, so not scientifically, but you feel me, right? ss I sit here sipping my starbucks, typing up a “lifestyle blog” a lot of folks out there would call me #basic, but you know what? i don’t care. why? because if by writing this one single post, i can help one woman feel differently about themselves, i’ve succeed.

you matter. whether you believe it right now at this very moment, or not, trust me, you matter. caring about yourself is something you must start doing, if you don’t already. i am not telling you to go to the spa or take yourself out to dinner, sure you can do those things, but think deeper. find something that will help you feel whole again. buy a new journal and write about your day. no, i am not asking you to channel your inner middle-schooler are start with “dear diary”, just start to write out how you feel. why you think you feel that way, and how you want to feel. eventually, these feelings will go from negative to positive. you will start to write out how you can help yourself.

i believe everyone has a voice. some choose to share it. some for good, some for not so good. i am sharing my voice. for you. to help you overcome the hurtles you’re facing, to tell you that it’s okay, not to feel okay.

you STILL matter.

Allison OBrien
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