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22 Feb

how to pack for a weekend away

okay girlies, today i am breaking down my top travel tips for a quick weekend away. by now, you know how i feel about being organized + planning. so when a weekend trip comes up, sometimes i tend to over-analyze but i’ve gotten it down to a science. so here are a few of my top tips for traveling light!

top tip – don’t overthink it

i know, i am a psycho + i overthink everything. its part of my charm. however, i’ve been surprised with a few weekend trips from the hubs over the years so i’ve nailed down the “on the fly” mentality + am pretty good at throwing caution to the wind, if i do say so myself.

top tip – pack options

my husband says i always pack for a week. well, in most cases, he’s right. but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. sometimes i have outfit changes mid day because outlet shopping during the day requires a different outfit than casino hopping + dinner at night, right?

top tip – go versatile

versatile pieces are my go to. jeans that can be dressed up or dressed down. jumpsuits that i can throw a blazer over for a nicer restaurant or a jean jacket for a low key spot. same goes for shoes. pack go to heels that match anything along with comfy shoes you can walk a lot in to keep it simple.

top tip – beauty essentials

i always tend to go light on beauty when i am going on a quick weekend trip unless we are going away for an event like a wedding or something. bb cream , eyebrow mascara , mascara , + finishing powder . if i know i have an event, i obviously bring out the big guns. primer , foundation , etc.

top tip – skin care

going away for a weekend sometimes has you feeling like you can go without your normal routine for a couple of days. been there, done that. not the answer. especially since you’re changing locations, bring along the skin care, because the better you are with not disrupting your normal routine, the better. trust me on this, you’ll thank me later.

bonus tip – the backpack!

i am obsessed with my backpack. i always travel with a backpack. its a simple black nylon backpack that i got from amazon here. so why do i love it so much? because its easily accessible. easy to forget i am wearing it. i can shop without holding it on one arm or around my wrist + it fits more than your average handbag. yes, you are throwing your stuff in your weekender bag + going, but don’t forget to put the fun stuff in your backpack, especially for long car rides. we’re heading to virginia this weekend + it will be about 6 hours in the car each way. so what’s in my backpack? travel charger {of course}, chapstick , book , magazines, face wipes , moisturizer for face , moisturizer for hands , gum + usually some snacks. always have my essentia water on hand as well.

what is your go-to travel companion? share below! xoxo

Allison OBrien
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