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7 Mar

vitamins for dayssss

i get questions about my vitamins all of the time. i take my vitamins very seriously. they are important to me for many reasons, health being the obvious one. i am very specific about what vitamins i take as well. not just brand, but also what for. so i wanted to break down my current collection for you.
so i use two brands. olly + hum. i use both because i believe in the benefits of both but also because i like what they offer. olly i buy off of amazon, hum i am currently collaborating with, so they’ve sent me the ones i will list below based on a quiz i took on my individual needs, which i love!
let’s start with olly. gummies … need i say more?! i am a big kid at heart so the fact that i can take a gummy vitamin is great. so which vitamins am i taking from olly?
womens multivitamin – find them here
prenatal vitamin – find them here
probiotics – find them here
okay, now onto hum. when i took the quiz i mentioned above, i focused on skin since that is my current issue as well as overall cleansing my body + supporting good bone/joint health + maintaining energy! here’s what they’ve sent me, that i am loving already!
runway ready – for optimal skin
omegas – for joints/bones
daily cleanse – to rid body + skin of toxins
take the quiz to find your best options here!
i wanted to include links with my overall opinions above because i want you to be able to do your research on both the product + the brand as well. i am currently in love with this routine + seeing major improvements already. do you take vitamins? share below! xoxo
Allison OBrien
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