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19 Jan

using social media to organize yourself

social media is literally all everyone does all day, amiright?! whether its instagram, facebook, pinterest, whatever you use or all of those that you use, use them to organize yourself.

instagram – before beginning this blog, i used instagram to document my recipes! i love to share anyway, but this makes it so much easier for me to go back + take a look back to re-create recipes i’ve done before!

facebook – this outlet has tons of amazing pages + you can use the save feature to catalog recipes, articles to read, etc. i love this because i can go back + order stuff i see, make a new recipe, etc.

pinterest – i mean, need i say more? i obv use pinterest to catalog any + everything. home decor + recipes are prob my top pins these days, but literally i pin hair, clothes, diy, shoes, etc. its amazing what you can find + save here.

i can literally find all things wellness, lifestyle, etc. on social media + catalog or screenshot them for later use! you’re already on there, why not be productive?! xoxo

Allison OBrien
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