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1 Mar

fitness fanatic – my routines, resources + more!

hey loves! today i briefly wanted to talk about my fitness routines currently + some resources i am using / loving at the moment! its no secret that fitness has not always been easy for me. when i started this journey, my initial fitness-related goals were simple, move more. over a year later, i am working out 3 times a day, 5 days a week + 1 time on weekends. before you exhaust yourself just reading the statement, let me break it down for you. i fully prefer to sweat + get my heart rate up multiple times a day. this helps me stay energized throughout the day. it also works better for my schedule to workout multiple times a day...
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27 Feb

ice rolling my way to a slim face

its no secret - with weight gain comes inflammation in your face. even those who are not heavy suffer from inflammation in your face. for me, as i was losing weight, i wanted to do what i could to look my best. i came across ice rolling on lauryn evart's blog the skinny confidential {if you're not following, you need to be, tips on tips on tips girls!} i've literally scheduled 15 minutes into my morning routine to ice roll my face while walking on the treadmill, checking emails, social media, etc. it has been a game changer for me! i also love doing it in the morning because its sort of that extra wake up you need! the cold feels...
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