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6 Mar

hair washing has become my job

hey girl hey! do you ever have one of those days when you "know" your hair needs to be washed but you bun it or cap it anyway? yep, story of my life. i have long hair, like touching my butt long. but i also have fine hair. used to be thick, thinned it out with the flat iron 4 years straight in high school, anyone else?! i am sure i am not alone there. anyway, overall my hair get oily at the top but dry at the ends. total combination hair {similar to my skin #blessed} so its been a total struggle finding the right products + finding the right schedule as to washing my hair. so here's the thing,...
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1 Mar

fitness fanatic – my routines, resources + more!

hey loves! today i briefly wanted to talk about my fitness routines currently + some resources i am using / loving at the moment! its no secret that fitness has not always been easy for me. when i started this journey, my initial fitness-related goals were simple, move more. over a year later, i am working out 3 times a day, 5 days a week + 1 time on weekends. before you exhaust yourself just reading the statement, let me break it down for you. i fully prefer to sweat + get my heart rate up multiple times a day. this helps me stay energized throughout the day. it also works better for my schedule to workout multiple times a day...
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