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2 Jan

pinterest for planning

okay, so i will admit it. i am crazy. i am sure if you know me, you knew that already. but literally, i am nuts. certifiable. okay, not padded room crazy, but i am a nut when it comes to planning. i plan down to the second. so when i began my journey, i utilized pinterest like i owned stock in it or something. i have a total meal planning post in the works so stay tuned for that, but i wanted to give you my top three tips for pinterest planning! { use key words associated with your lifestyle - for example, i'd choose keto or low carb } { get specific - use key terms such as snacks, dinner, meal prepping,...
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1 Jan

my journey

hey love. welcome to my blog. this blog was created as a safe space to talk about tough topics, as a creative hub for my diy successes + failures, as a fun spot to post all of my delicious adventures in healthy eating. i plan to bring you amazing content + i am so happy you're here. so, a little about my journey so far. yes, i am on a weight loss journey. but that isn't what this blog is about. this blog support body confidence, self love + overall wellness. i've lost almost 100lbs. but i have another 150lbs to lose. yes, i have goals. we all do. but it's how you approach those goals that gets you where you...
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