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26 Feb

oil is NOT my friend

i hate oil. okay, not all oils. sure i love olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil … okay, you get it right? i hate oily skin! when my face is oily it just makes me feel so bleh! i’ve tried so many face washes, serums, moisturizers but my skin just gets oily throughout the day. i recently found a product on amazon {where else do i shop?!} that i am loving for those mid day blots! these babies are infused with green tea extract so they not only remove excess oil but also brighten your skin tone as well.

i knew when i finally found something i loved that i had to share. any other over oily girls out there? i know, i am not alone! let me know how you like them ladies! here’s a little before + after use for your viewing pleasure.

Processed With Darkroom

grab my exact oil blotting tissues here!



Allison OBrien
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