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13 Feb

my current lifestyle

i’ve gotten so many questions lately about my lifestyle. i was recently asked if i currently blend keto with weight watchers because i post about them both a lot. the answer is yes, but i want to elaborate.

so i constantly promote living a balanced lifestyle, living fully + never being too serious to the point where you feel constricted. so, what does this mean specifically? let me break it down a bit.

  1. cheating does not exist – literally i love food, i am following a healthy plan, i generally follow a lower carb lifestyle more-so but that doesn’t mean if i get dessert on date night that i am kicking myself. no, i don’t indulge often, but that’s because i choose that way of life.
  2. blending plans is possible – in 2017, i joined weight watchers with my mom. i will admit, when i joined, i did it to help support my mom on her journey, because i felt that i could handle losing weight myself without paying to follow a plan. i was wrong. i don’t necessarily play by the points, but what i get from weight watchers, is amazing support, motivation to keep going, regardless of my path. with keto, i feel the same way. i probably adopted the keto eating lifestyle a bit better but i went into the new year wanting to cut carbs as it was. so blending the flexibility of weight watchers with the carb conscious keto works for me.
  3. trying to conceive – this may not apply to everyone, but to better understand why i’ve made this change heading into 2018, i wanted to highlight it. my husband and i have been trying to conceive for over six years. in 2017, i lost 100lbs + was {+ still am} motivated to get healthier so i can ultimately carry my own children + be able to really enjoy life with them down the line. when i hit the search button on google for the best diet for trying to conceive, i was inundated with keto articles. i knew i had to give it a shot + as i mentioned above, i felt like my body was already telling me to cut carbs as it was.
  4. weight plateau – i’ve talked about this a bit before on instagram, i went into the new year terrified of struggling to lose more weight. i went into 2018 officially down 100lbs but i had bigger dreams for 2018. i wanted to get to my goal weight, which was 150lbs away. i am turning 30 in november this year so i wanted it to all come full circle.
  5. energy levels – when researching, i also focused on increasing my energy because i knew i wanted to tackle tougher workouts + workout 5 days a week. again, i found keto as my top option due to the cutting of carbs + increasing positive fats. for me, it became a no-brainer, but that didn’t mean it was easy.


this transition has had a lot of ups + downs. some parts of it have been easier, for example, the planning + prepping has remained pretty consistent. i am always over-organized so from that aspect, its been relatively the same, making it easier for me. however, initially, removing rice, quinoa, bread, potatoes, i definitely struggled with it. i mean as a girl who used to think french fries were a food group, not to have them anymore was difficult. but here’s the thing, when i cut these out, almost instantly i felt better! for me, feeling great has been the key. i am motivated by better moods, higher energy, less bloating, etc. so feeling these results instantly made me not even want these items. since then, i’ve had the chance to play around in the kitchen + have made amazing recipes such as cauliflower mash + cauliflower rice, buffalo chicken tenders made with almond flour instead of breadcrumbs, cookie dough made with high fats + low carbs.

overall, this journey has been so much fun! i honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. knowing i have a goal drives me, but knowing i can do this successfully + maintain it thereafter is why i am where i am right now. this isn’t a diet, this is my lifestyle. it will always be. i may make changes along the road but that’s what journeys are made of.


Allison OBrien
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