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9 Mar

my quiet mornings create my great days

okay, so i’ve recently been sharing more about my morning routine with all of you on instagram. if you don’t follow me yet, i give you all the deets on my day to day via my story + some killer content in my feed, so go here to follow. my mornings are special to me. i was never a morning person. as a teenager, i spent my high school rolling in at second period, an hour after school commenced for the day. i was always perpetually late + blaming my mom for making me {sorry mom!} even heading into adult life, i hated getting up early to go to work every day. without realizing it, i was setting myself for failure.

bad mornings typically turn into worse days, amiright?!  i didn’t realize until i started working from home that i had to get organized if i wanted to remain productive throughout my day. let’s face it, if you had the ability to work from home, without a boss breathing down your neck, would you never find yourself scrolling through instagram. i think not. so i knew if i wanted to be successful in working from home, i had to get organized.

this was relatively easy for me. i’ve always been an organized person, but it wasn’t until i started working from home in real estate, managing this blog, managing the corresponding podcast + beginning my wellness journey, that i realized  i could do better. enter google calendar. i wrote a long blog about this here so i won’t get into it again on this post. but to sum it up, i schedule every minute of my day. every second actually. this includes my quiet mornings.

so what are my quiet mornings? well, remember when i said i was not a morning person. i had to become one. i trained myself. yes, literally trained myself to love my mornings. this is the girl who woke up at 10am mad as hell that she didn’t set an alarm, with 100+ emails because she should have been up at least an hour ago. yep, that was me.

if you can believe it or not. i trained myself by getting up a little bit earlier every week. i started getting up at 9am. then 8am. then 7am. i now get up everyday at 7am. i now have 3 more hours compared to my normal. the other side of this trick? go to bed damnit! i always looked at myself as a night owl. i always thought well, if i’m not a morning person, i must be a night owl, right?! wrong! i was falling asleep in front of the tv by midnight. i easily had 1.5-2 hours at night of wasted time watching mind numbing tv or scrolling through social media. i was not taking advantage of the time i could be sleeping to better ready myself for the next day! i plan to share my night time routine with you on the blog soon as well!

so now that you know how i physically changed my mornings. so how did i mentally change my mornings? well, i needed to create quiet mornings. morning time that i looked forward to getting up for. so here’s what i do + how i break it down.


7am – wake up, brush my teeth, use the bathroom, get dressed for the day

7:30am – meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes then write morning pages

8am – 1 mile on the treadmill while checking emails, making my priority list for the day

{ i am usually ice rolling with collagen under eye masks while on the treadmill as well }

8:30am – my day in front of the computer begins


i always remember to get on the treadmill as much as possible, it’s why i invested in a treadmill desk, so i could walk + work at the same time. moving has made my wellness journey 1000 times easier, honestly. but i could talk about my treadmill all day.

so the point of my morning i want to break down specifically is my meditation + morning pages. this is part of my quiet morning. time where no one else in the house is awake yet, its just me, myself + i. i use the app headspace to go through daily guided meditations ranging from 5-10 minutes. they put me in the perfect headspace, literally, to tackle my morning pages. my morning pages are a minimum of 3 pages where i just keep writing. i make lists, write what i am grateful for, dreams i have, goals i have, things i am struggling with. its a brain dump of sorts, but it turns into something almost poetic. it allows me to literally clear my mind before tackling my day.

so how do you spend your mornings? are you setting yourself up for a successful day? share below! xoxo

Allison OBrien
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