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16 Mar

how i crushed low energy

okay girls, to say i’ve struggled with low energy for a while now is an understatement. i recently shared my workout routine in this blog post here so you know i need energy to keep up with my own goals. needless to say, i had no clue what i was in for when i would try my share of products to cater to my low energy levels. there are a few important items to mention first. i take an iron pill because i have low iron levels, which are especially terrible during my time of the month. so this is part of my routine, but may not necessarily need to be part of yours. i am actually partnering with care/of vitamins next month to try their versions of the supplements listed below so stay tuned for that!

iron supplement – because … women issues – but seriously, this really helps me with my time of the month due to heavy cycles + low iron levels as a result of them. you can find the exact one i take here.

morning magnesium supplement – so i have tried a few magnesium supplements + i am loving this one you can find here. i am partnering with care/of as i mentioned above + will be trying theirs to see if it works better or as well!

evening magnesium supplement – i have to give credit to my girl becca for introducing me to this gem. this powder is added to my nighttime tea routine about 30 minutes before bed. this helps me sleep so much better + wake up feeling rested. grab it here!

workout aide – i partnered with flow sports at the beginning of the month + when i tell you my workouts are insane thanks to their core supplement, i mean it. the energy their core real salt supplements give me for my workouts are out of this world! whether you overall lack energy or not, this is the pre workout you need to be taking to crush your workouts! find it here + use code goalgetter for 20% off!





Allison OBrien
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