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7 Feb

life in ounces

so by now i am sure you’re genuinely intrigued by the title of my post. ounces. what could i be referring to? measuring your food? guzzling your water? well, it’s actually all things ounces. yes, measuring your food. yes, counting up the amount of water you drink a day. but do you feel like you are literally living your life “by the ounce”?

yes, tracking is a key component to wellness but it doesn’t mean you are strapped to your phone inputting every single bit of data throughout the day. it does require preparation though.

so how do i tackle this easily? because let’s face it, if its not easy, we rarely follow through.



on fridays, i spend an hour planning what i am going to make + eat for the week. most of my recipe inspo comes from pinterest {peep my healthy, happy living board} so i head there first, then i get to choosing what i will make + inputting into my absolute favorite app my fitness pal. if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. it’s important to note that i generally stick to the same routine, so here’s a little sample of a day in my “eating life”.

10am – bulletproof tea {a keto go-to as it doesn’t break my fast, blog coming on fasting soon}

12pm – breakfast {usually a homemade keto bagel or eggs with bacon or sausage etc}

3pm – shake {this is post workout + usually includes my plant based protein powder as well as healthy fats}

5pm – dinner {this is the meal that varies daily, but i do love my chicken tacos on coconut wraps + bacon wrapped chicken as my faves}


entering my daily food intake for the week on fridays, allows me to already know what i am eating + how much i am eating as well.



i use the app waterlogged to track my water. yes, i do this throughout the day but i am strategic about how i plan to be sure i meet my water goal every day, which is 5 liters, for those wondering. so how do i ensure i am meeting my goal? well, its easy. i have 1.5ltr bottles of essentia water. i drink 1 of those per day. then i have this cute little mason jar jug that i got from ac moore on my counter. this jug is 3.5ltrs so i fill it with filtered water + refill my hot pink starbucks cup throughout the day. i also love to throw in some fresh lemons, cucumbers + mint for a great detox.


trust me, as you eat the same foods like chicken, turkey, avocado, veggies, etc. you’ll remember the servings + things will begin to come second nature to you. cooking was never my thing but when i got on this journey, i had to toughen up in the kitchen to keep things interesting. moving into my beautiful new home with a gourmet kitchen last year has definitely helped too!


let me know how you strive to be sure you stay on track below. xoxo



Allison OBrien
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