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12 Mar

keto, no more

hey, hi, hello. this blog post has been a tough one to write. if you listened to the podcast episode new year, 2018, you’ll remember me talking about going into the new year scared. i was afraid to plateau. i was feeling like i needed to try something different. enter … keto.

you may remember me writing about my first 30 days on keto, if not you can read it here. i truly enjoyed keto, for the most part. i lost 25lbs over a period of 10 weeks. i also lost a total of 17 inches all around. i was {still am} impressed with the food philosophy behind keto. however, i decided to head back into the land known as macro tracking / clean eating.

so … i am sure by now, you’re scratching your head asking why? well, its simple. i live under the idea that you can live a life you love while being healthy. i began to feel restricted on keto. i initially adapted their eating philosophy pretty quickly but recently i’ve began to “miss” certain things that i know are still healthy for me … bananas, chickpeas, oats, quinoa … just to name a few. i realized also that with my current fitness plan, my body needed more carbs to sustain the energy i was expending.

now … can you do keto successfully long term {or at least longer term than i did}? YES! but i chose not to. its important to remember this was a choice of mine. i listened to my body. i also chose to consult a nutritionist + personal trainer to go over everything i was doing. i also have plans on getting my annual physical exam next month so i will be sure to keep you posted on the results.

i believe keto can work. i know people who’ve done it. i know people currently crushing it with keto. i truly enjoyed keto. i felt like it was a good start to the new year for me. will i ever do it again? maybe. i definitely wouldn’t rule it out. i am truly excited to see where my next choice of macro tracking / cleaning eating takes me.

*side note – this is what i did last year that worked very well for me, allowing me to adopt a flexible eating lifestyle so i am excited to get back to that, especially into that mindset!*

find what works for you. seek a professional’s help if you feel the need. listen to your body, it won’t lie to you. xoxo

Allison OBrien
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