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13 Feb

my current lifestyle

i've gotten so many questions lately about my lifestyle. i was recently asked if i currently blend keto with weight watchers because i post about them both a lot. the answer is yes, but i want to elaborate. so i constantly promote living a balanced lifestyle, living fully + never being too serious to the point where you feel constricted. so, what does this mean specifically? let me break it down a bit. cheating does not exist - literally i love food, i am following a healthy plan, i generally follow a lower carb lifestyle more-so but that doesn't mean if i get dessert on date night that i am kicking myself. no, i don't indulge often, but that's because i...
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7 Feb

life in ounces

so by now i am sure you're genuinely intrigued by the title of my post. ounces. what could i be referring to? measuring your food? guzzling your water? well, it's actually all things ounces. yes, measuring your food. yes, counting up the amount of water you drink a day. but do you feel like you are literally living your life "by the ounce"? yes, tracking is a key component to wellness but it doesn't mean you are strapped to your phone inputting every single bit of data throughout the day. it does require preparation though. so how do i tackle this easily? because let's face it, if its not easy, we rarely follow through.   food on fridays, i spend an hour planning what i...
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29 Jan

ep. 3 – body confidence

hello lovers! this week's podcast episode is all about body confidence! i know we've been chatting a lot recently about this topic + i chose to elaborate via podcast because so many of you gorgeous girls have asked me to. we talk about how to love our bodies, why we should love our bodies + what we can do to live everyday in love with ourselves, proud of ourselves + enjoying the journey regardless of where we are in it!   listen now { available on apple itunes + google play! } p.s. subscribe + leave a 5 star review! tell me what you think + what you want me to talk about in future episodes!   ...
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26 Jan

supporting each other

genuine people are good people. good people support each other. we lift each other up. we help others always. we never sacrifice our own wellness for others, but we share what works for us so we can allow others to find inspiration + motivation through us. we give + give without expecting anything in return while also remembering not to be blind to those who take while not returning anything. it’s important to find balance + live life for yourself while sharing the love with others. this was a simple, short, friendly reminder to consider others so they will always consider you. xoxo ...
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25 Jan

body confidence is key

okay girlfriend, so today we're talking about the number one reason I started this blog, body confidence. so what is body confidence? well, its simple. body confidence is loving who you are, how you're made, and embracing your body wholeheartedly. my journey is relatively "controversial" I am on a "weight loss" journey but not in the way I am sure you're thinking. I've lost almost 100lbs in the last year and I want to lose about 150lbs more. yes, you read the right. 150lbs more to lose. this means I will have lost 250lbs at the "end" of my journey. but here's the thing. I am not doing this to look great. I already think I look great. I want babies....
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