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6 Mar

hair washing has become my job

hey girl hey! do you ever have one of those days when you “know” your hair needs to be washed but you bun it or cap it anyway? yep, story of my life. i have long hair, like touching my butt long. but i also have fine hair. used to be thick, thinned it out with the flat iron 4 years straight in high school, anyone else?! i am sure i am not alone there. anyway, overall my hair get oily at the top but dry at the ends. total combination hair {similar to my skin #blessed} so its been a total struggle finding the right products + finding the right schedule as to washing my hair.

so here’s the thing, this year, i started working out daily. this has led to a new hair washing schedule. sure, some workouts i am not super sweaty, but the problem was … my hair was still secreting certain oils from my workout … guess what?! it was affecting my skin too! so how do i know? well, yes, i get hormonal breakouts along my jaw line but i only sleep on one side at night. that side of my face happened to have the worst of my breakouts. coincidence? i think not. so i tested a theory.

a totally unwilling participant at first, i changed my shampoo + conditioner {just in case it was a part of the problem, also because i really wanted to try the new line at target love, beauty + planet}, then i started washing my hair every. single. night. ughhh, yes, this was {kinda still is} a major pain. as girls with seriously long hair, we do not love this necessary part of self care. find someone who loves to wash their hair … i dare you. i was a solid every third day hair wash prior to deciding to do this, so it was a major change for me.

here are a few things i do love about this new routine … i look “slightly” more presentable during the day {when you work from home + live in leggings, you tend to let yourself go a bit … what? don’t judge me. it happens.} the idea behind this is … after hair washing day, we are usually jazzed about our clean hair enough to run a flat iron or curling iron through it, right?! well, now i do my hair every morning! i also love how easy it is to brush my hair. let’s face it, day three hair has knots that become tough to conquer, so avoiding this has been nice. finally, because i’ve been careful about what i am putting in my hair, i am using less products … $$. okay, that doesn’t {secretly} matter as much to me, but my husband noticed like within a week that i was buying less “junk” as he lovingly calls it … so its safe to say i usually overdo it in that department. this, of course, strictly applies to my daily routine, not going out, events, etc.

so yes, while it feels like washing my hair has sort of become my job, i am adapting quickly + ultimately loving the results. the redness in my skin has started to calm down + my skin feels softer. i will, as always, keep you posted about the results as we go along.

how often do you wash the mop?! share below! xoxo

Allison OBrien
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