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20 Feb

how to use google calendar to kill the game

this is literally my favorite topic in the entire world. i am an organization nut. i live for my calendar. like literally, live for it. i love to feel organized, i love to be organized, + i love to organize in general. yes, i am a psycho. i get it.

today, i want to share with you how i keep myself organized using google calendar. google calendar is readily + easily available to anyone so its a no-brainer to use some of these tips to get your routine squared away + keep yourself organized. below, i will share with you, some of my top tips for killing the game with google calendar.

top tip – color code that shit

color coding is my best friend. why? because it helps me differentiate between necessary, optional + red alert. what is red alert? a dramatic way of saying do it or die. yep, that was dramatic too, but so am i. so theres that. anyway, using colors helps me see what are appointments vs. creative time, fitness vs. food, lets me schedule in self care, etc. it shows me how my day will play out. i am methodical about updating my calendar.

top tip – plan ahead

i plan my routines out in advance, like as in they change day by day but the core routine is always in tact. yes, it sometimes changes based on different factors. for example, as i talked about in episode 4 of the podcast routines for success, my husbands schedule for work recently changed. he now works 12:30pm-9pm so in order to create some quality time, i adjusted my routine to fit in time with him before + after he works. again, the core of my routine stayed in tact, but the timing shifted. this will also happen if you need to go to the doctors or do things that are not daily things, so i always re-visit my calendar every night before bed to ensure i can tackle the day head first!

top tip – expect the unexpected

i always schedule myself by the second. like literally, there is no blank space on my calendar. does this mean i cannot have some wiggle room? no. but it does allow me to expect the unexpected. if my parents pop by for dinner, i can move a workout around or write a blog post later in the day or wake up a bit earlier the following day. it allows me to easily move things around while still getting things done. because the items that need to be done are already there, it allows me to literally move them into another slot on the calendar so they still get done. this is where the color coding also comes in handy because at  a glance, i can see which items i need to address first.

top tip – give yourself more time

i generally block off a bit more time then is absolutely necessary to complete each item. this allows me to have some breathing room {+ time to pee, girls gotta use the potty, hello!} it also frees me up a bit to sit back + enjoy the moments. scheduling your every minute may sound like too much stress but i always give myself more time than needed. this calendar actually lets me feel more free about my day to day because its become predictable in a way that allows me to feel productive as well. for example, i mediate for 10 minutes each morning but i block off 30 minutes. this allows me time to set up, light the candle, get fully ready in my mind to meditate, as well as gives me some calm down time after the mediation is over. again, predictable but productive without feeling constricted.

top tip – reminders to eat 

yes, i schedule my meals into my calendar. i need to do this for myself. why? because i have a habit of getting busy, going about my business + “forgetting” to eat. this would result in binging hours later + feeling gross. so my calendar reminds me when you have each meal, when to grab a snack, etc. + i freaking love it!

top tip – scheduling your workouts

yep, i schedule my workouts. why? well, its simple. if theres nothing else planned to do at the time, what the hell else am i going to do but workout?! i workout 3 times a day, in shorter intervals. this helps me to keep the blood pumping, gets my heart rate up a few times a day, + allows me to be creative with my workouts as well. i usually switch up working on lower body in the am to lower body in the pm every other week, arms one week, core the next + so on + so forth.

top tip – step up

i plan certain items throughout my day to do them on the treadmill, such as checking emails + social media, writing blog posts, etc. this helps me stay accountable with my step goal + keeps me moving!

top tip – set aside time to get ready for next week

i always always always set aside time to plan for the week ahead. i give myself an hour on fridays to browse pinterest for new, fun recipes + make a grocery list for the following week. this helps me feel ready for the next week + gives me a renewed energy for the week ahead, which also helps me stay on track over the weekend, since i am already looking forward to the following week. before you ask, no this doesn’t make me feel like i am rushing my weekend along, trust me, i enjoy my weekends, in fact i love them because i spend them with my husband + we usually see both of our families, but feeling prepared for the week ahead is an unexplained feeling + it helps me eat better when there is more temptation to go off track on the weekends!

i feel like this post got so long that i should write something like in conclusion … term paper much? anyway, i told you this is my obsession, now you have definitive proof. drop your questions about organization below + i hope this has helped you get motivated to get organized!


Allison OBrien
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