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1 Mar

fitness fanatic – my routines, resources + more!

hey loves! today i briefly wanted to talk about my fitness routines currently + some resources i am using / loving at the moment! its no secret that fitness has not always been easy for me. when i started this journey, my initial fitness-related goals were simple, move more. over a year later, i am working out 3 times a day, 5 days a week + 1 time on weekends. before you exhaust yourself just reading the statement, let me break it down for you.

i fully prefer to sweat + get my heart rate up multiple times a day. this helps me stay energized throughout the day. it also works better for my schedule to workout multiple times a day for shorter intervals of time. technically, i am still working out 1-2 hours a day overall but splitting it up keeps me focused, feeling energetic + helps me consistently “burn”. so here’s a little breakdown of my current routine.

i wake up everyday at 7am, take my supplements with a bit of water + am doing 15 minutes of cardio by 7:30am – this is my favorite workout because i’ve had no food so its the most intense! sometimes i push it to 20-30 minutes if my day is shaping up to be lighter for work {i work from home in real estate} i then hop on the treadmill while checking emails, social media, prepping for my day, etc. one resource i love here, is adding resistance bands to the mix while walking, it works your legs a bit more! you can grab the ones i use here

i generally have eggs with avocado + cheese along with a breakfast meat around 10am – by 12pm, i am doing my more intense workout which is usually anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes + is either a core workout or a hiit workout. here is a solid resource i love! hasfit has a youtube channel with tons of free workouts, you need to check them out here

i like to do some light cardio or stretch / strength training after i’ve digested my dinner in the evening, around 7-7:30pm. this helps me kick up my heart rate a bit at night. i am a night shower girl, so if a break a sweat, no worries, i am jumping in the shower anyway! working out 3 times a day really requires a night time shower anyway!

so there you have it, the basics of my current fitness routine! tell me about how you move below! xoxo

Allison OBrien

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