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22 Jan

ep. 2 – self love

hey girlie! this week’s episode is a deep one — we’re talking about self love. so what is self love? well, it’s literally LOVING OURSELVES!
so why do we need to talk about this?! well, because like you, i struggle with kicking myself when i am down. if i have a bad meal (hey, sometimes i need those damn french fries!) i end up kicking myself over the meal, rather than thinking about how tasty the meal was and how much i enjoyed my family time, i go home upset at myself over the fact that i couldn’t just not eat the damn french fries! i then internally yell at myself for not cooking my own meal (even though i cook ALL OF THE TIME), and constantly put myself down! the negative feelings are something i need to get over! TURN THOSE NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES!
so HOW do you do that?! we tackle that in today’s podcast episode!
whether its food, fitness, family, friends, whatever! there is nothing more important than LOVING YOURSELF! let’s talk about it TOGETHER on Episode 2 now!

listen now { available on apple itunes + google play! }

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Allison OBrien
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