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15 Jan

ep. – new podcast, who dis?

okay, so you’re right, i love to talk. i mean, its been a given for a while but i toyed around with the idea of putting my love for talking to good use and well, here it is. let’s face it, we all read 1/4 of most articles online unless its a good book of course. i planned on blogging and i still do but i believe sometimes its good to HEAR how i feel about things because passion goes along way, don’t you think?

so, let’s get down to it, what can you expect to HEAR and read (if you so choose) on this blog/podcast? well, its simple. THRIVE is a concept i created that stands for The Healthy Reality In a Virtual Environment! when you break it down, yes, we will be tackling all things related to health and wellness, but also tackling lifestyle topics, struggles, and we will be tackling this in a very REAL way. why? because something i struggle with as i am on journey (more about that in a sec) is finding that those pretty staged photos of food, endless recipe videos that rarely look as good as their final product, and advice ending in the sale of their “weight loss product” is a bummer. i am here to break it down, get real, and trust me, my no bull shit attitude will either end up with you dying to listen each week or blocking me from all parts of your life, so let’s get to it!

a little about me before we get to the podcast intro – on my 5th wedding anniversary on january 7th of this year 2017, i decided it was time for me to get my shit together. when my husband and i said ‘i do’ that lovely winter day, we planned on having children right away, but that wasn’t so easy for us.

i’ll be honest, i am not an expert and do not claim to be, i just educate myself and love to talk, hence this long post and corresponding podcast. i have 250lbs to lose. yes, i said it, 250lbs! now, since January, I’ve already lost 90lbs and my goal is to hit the 100lb mark by the end of this year, but at the end of the day, i am as deep into my journey as the rest of you, with probably a much longer road ahead of me.


and guess what, i want to help you too! so now, if you read this whole damn post, well thanks, either way, listen to the intro podcast + if you’re not a reader, you’ll find the link at the end of every post so happy scrolling to those of you non-readers (no judgements here!)


listen now { available on apple itunes + google play! }

p.s. subscribe + leave a 5 star review! tell me what you think + what you want me to talk about in future episodes!


Allison OBrien
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