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15 Feb

coffee table decor

okay, so if you follow me on instagram, you’re probably knee deep in my home makeover with me. if you’re not, you’re definitely over me at the least. anyway, i wanted to show a quick sneak peek at my new coffee table decor. we’re transitioning all of the furniture in our house to white. my office has always had white furniture + i love the vibes. we’re actually re-painting + re-styling my office now + i promise a tour as soon as its ready, hopefully before the month end. i chose pieces that showed my clean line vibes as well as my minimalistic tendencies. you can also shop these pieces since i’ve linked it all below.

the back half of this coffee table raises up, so i keep it clear for that purpose. what can i say, my husband + i are couch eaters.

tell me what you think below! also, feel free to spam me with any white furniture inspo because i always love some new, fresh ideas!


i am a literally psycho when it comes to candles. not only do they have to look chic but they need to smell like heaven too. is that too much to ask? i think not. i got this gorgeous candle at home goods.

flowers are a girls best friend … that is the saying right? well they are my best friend. mood lifter, much? fresh flowers make me feel so at home + these white roses were no exception. this post happens to come the day after v day so you’re getting a chic version but roses are a staple here. i also love lilys! trader joe’s has the best fresh flower selection, hands down. this gorgeous vase {which has a smaller sister in the office} is from ikea, where my husband has recently banned me from mid re-decorating! kidding, but not.

lastly, do you die for bingo like i do? i am a little old lady at heart. this set was gifted to me from my mom + it became the perfect little piece to add to my coffee table decor. i love coffee table books as much as the next person but this was an easy hack to not buy those tom ford or chanel books for $100+. ya feel me? the bingo game can be found here the little succulents on top come in a 4 pack on amazon, the other 2 are in my office + they can be found here

Allison OBrien
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