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Category: Self Care

9 Mar

my quiet mornings create my great days

okay, so i've recently been sharing more about my morning routine with all of you on instagram. if you don't follow me yet, i give you all the deets on my day to day via my story + some killer content in my feed, so go here to follow. my mornings are special to me. i was never a morning person. as a teenager, i spent my high school rolling in at second period, an hour after school commenced for the day. i was always perpetually late + blaming my mom for making me {sorry mom!} even heading into adult life, i hated getting up early to go to work every day. without realizing it, i was setting myself for...
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7 Mar

vitamins for dayssss

i get questions about my vitamins all of the time. i take my vitamins very seriously. they are important to me for many reasons, health being the obvious one. i am very specific about what vitamins i take as well. not just brand, but also what for. so i wanted to break down my current collection for you. so i use two brands. olly + hum. i use both because i believe in the benefits of both but also because i like what they offer. olly i buy off of amazon, hum i am currently collaborating with, so they've sent me the ones i will list below based on a quiz i took on my individual needs, which i love! let's start...
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14 Feb

love yourself this valentines day

okay babe, i know sometimes valentines day can seem like a day to gush on those you love, but how about gushing over yourself?! self care is a huge reason i am successful in my journey thus far. taking the time to do a face mask or read a good book, meditating, taking a long bath, doing some online shopping, all things i can do to indulge + care for myself. this also includes how to know when to remove toxicity from your life. this can come in many forms. bad relationships, stressful situations caused by certain people or events, trigger places, etc. knowing how to avoid these situations or when to remove these people or places from your life...
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