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Category: Organization

22 Feb

how to pack for a weekend away

okay girlies, today i am breaking down my top travel tips for a quick weekend away. by now, you know how i feel about being organized + planning. so when a weekend trip comes up, sometimes i tend to over-analyze but i've gotten it down to a science. so here are a few of my top tips for traveling light! top tip - don't overthink it i know, i am a psycho + i overthink everything. its part of my charm. however, i've been surprised with a few weekend trips from the hubs over the years so i've nailed down the "on the fly" mentality + am pretty good at throwing caution to the wind, if i do say so myself. top tip...
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20 Feb

how to use google calendar to kill the game

this is literally my favorite topic in the entire world. i am an organization nut. i live for my calendar. like literally, live for it. i love to feel organized, i love to be organized, + i love to organize in general. yes, i am a psycho. i get it. today, i want to share with you how i keep myself organized using google calendar. google calendar is readily + easily available to anyone so its a no-brainer to use some of these tips to get your routine squared away + keep yourself organized. below, i will share with you, some of my top tips for killing the game with google calendar. top tip - color code that shit color coding is my...
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