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Category: Home Decor

15 Feb

coffee table decor

okay, so if you follow me on instagram, you're probably knee deep in my home makeover with me. if you're not, you're definitely over me at the least. anyway, i wanted to show a quick sneak peek at my new coffee table decor. we're transitioning all of the furniture in our house to white. my office has always had white furniture + i love the vibes. we're actually re-painting + re-styling my office now + i promise a tour as soon as its ready, hopefully before the month end. i chose pieces that showed my clean line vibes as well as my minimalistic tendencies. you can also shop these pieces since i've linked it all below. the back half of this...
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24 Jan

my creative space

i wanted to give you a quick glimpse into the space where all the magic happens! {get your mind out of the gutter, you ain't headed to the bedroom} my office is my sanctuary. as a work from home girl who is running this amazing blog as well, i spend about 75% of my day in front of the computer i am typing this very blog on now. i wanted my space to reflect who i am + bring positivity into each + every day for me. have a look inside! xoxo   ...
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