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Category: Health

16 Mar

how i crushed low energy

okay girls, to say i've struggled with low energy for a while now is an understatement. i recently shared my workout routine in this blog post here so you know i need energy to keep up with my own goals. needless to say, i had no clue what i was in for when i would try my share of products to cater to my low energy levels. there are a few important items to mention first. i take an iron pill because i have low iron levels, which are especially terrible during my time of the month. so this is part of my routine, but may not necessarily need to be part of yours. i am actually partnering with care/of vitamins...
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27 Feb

ice rolling my way to a slim face

its no secret - with weight gain comes inflammation in your face. even those who are not heavy suffer from inflammation in your face. for me, as i was losing weight, i wanted to do what i could to look my best. i came across ice rolling on lauryn evart's blog the skinny confidential {if you're not following, you need to be, tips on tips on tips girls!} i've literally scheduled 15 minutes into my morning routine to ice roll my face while walking on the treadmill, checking emails, social media, etc. it has been a game changer for me! i also love doing it in the morning because its sort of that extra wake up you need! the cold feels...
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