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3 Jan

working from home

  okay, so working from home can be HARD. i mean, let's face it, i pretty much live in my office {which i've created an amazingly cozy space, peep this post to check it out} but looking at the same four walls can become overwhelming. i've tried plenty of things to scratch the itch but when its winter, going outside is like not happening. so all thing considered, i have begun the hunt for a treadmill desk!! i am planning to work while i walk to remain active! i have also split my workouts up into three shorter workouts so i feel active multiple times a day + i've scheduled them in my google calendar so there's no excuse for not...
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2 Jan

pinterest for planning

okay, so i will admit it. i am crazy. i am sure if you know me, you knew that already. but literally, i am nuts. certifiable. okay, not padded room crazy, but i am a nut when it comes to planning. i plan down to the second. so when i began my journey, i utilized pinterest like i owned stock in it or something. i have a total meal planning post in the works so stay tuned for that, but i wanted to give you my top three tips for pinterest planning! { use key words associated with your lifestyle - for example, i'd choose keto or low carb } { get specific - use key terms such as snacks, dinner, meal prepping,...
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1 Jan

my journey

hey love. welcome to my blog. this blog was created as a safe space to talk about tough topics, as a creative hub for my diy successes + failures, as a fun spot to post all of my delicious adventures in healthy eating. i plan to bring you amazing content + i am so happy you're here. so, a little about my journey so far. yes, i am on a weight loss journey. but that isn't what this blog is about. this blog support body confidence, self love + overall wellness. i've lost almost 100lbs. but i have another 150lbs to lose. yes, i have goals. we all do. but it's how you approach those goals that gets you where you...
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