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25 Jan

body confidence is key

okay girlfriend, so today we’re talking about the number one reason I started this blog, body confidence. so what is body confidence? well, its simple. body confidence is loving who you are, how you’re made, and embracing your body wholeheartedly.

my journey is relatively “controversial” I am on a “weight loss” journey but not in the way I am sure you’re thinking. I’ve lost almost 100lbs in the last year and I want to lose about 150lbs more. yes, you read the right. 150lbs more to lose. this means I will have lost 250lbs at the “end” of my journey. but here’s the thing. I am not doing this to look great. I already think I look great. I want babies. I want to be healthy enough to carry my babies successfully. I want to ride amusement park attractions, run around the park, etc. I am doing this for a greater purpose than what I look like.

I’ve never had a confidence issue. Sure, there have been times I’ve felt a bit uneasy in certain situations but overall, I am comfortable in my own skin. because of this, and especially after settling down and finding the love of my life at the tender age of 17, I got too comfortable and put on unnecessary weight. I don’t want to be skinny. it’s just not what I am after. if you are, more power to you, but I actually loathe the word itself. the word skinny is up there with the word diet, beliefs I just cannot support.

I find that everyone faces hurdles when losing weight or getting fit and while we tend to beat ourselves up on “bad weeks” we never celebrate ourselves enough. I am where I am, I am successful in my journey because I am constantly celebrating myself. I am constantly creating little ways to show myself how much I LOVE ME.

so tell me …  what are your biggest fears? why do you feel like you’re not comfortable in your own skin?

let’s change the idea behind perfection. create your own perfect. love yourself fully. always.

Allison OBrien
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