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2 Feb

blue light glasses for the win

i am back with a game changer today. blue light glasses. i know you’re probably like wtf. but seriously, these glasses are a total game changer for me + they can easily be for you too. do you spend all day staring at electronics like your computer, phone, tv, etc? well, i do. sometimes i’d get terrible headaches if i was strapped to my desk all day. i also felt like i wasn’t sleeping as good as i could be {recently began tracking my sleep, will share results on a new blog post soon} these glasses help me tremendously.

working – whenever i am on my computer working, i throw these babies on. just comparing the with + without is amazing. less stress on my eyes, less headaches within a day … seriously.

before bed – let’s face it, were all not good at the whole, disconnect from electronics before bed thing so we get a better night’s sleep. we either scroll through social media mid-drool {don’t act like you don’t drool} or we watch tv until we pass out {alright, sometimes i like the light because i am afraid of the dark, don’t judge me, k?} these glasses allow your brain to not absorb too much of the light that distracts you, resulting in a poor night’s sleep. i didn’t believe it at first but after a few days, i realized i was actually falling asleep quicker.

so where do you grab these marvelous glasses? well, amazon of course. {i mean do i even shop anywhere else? see my amazon obsessed blog}

i’ve linked* the pair i bought for under $9 below! HELL YES!

let me know if you try them + love them below, or if you already knew about it + its old news, tell me anyway! xoxo


*i may receive a commission for clicking either or both of the links above.

Allison OBrien
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