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18 Jan

apps for competitors

one thing that i love is some good healthy competition {no pun intended}

i discovered step bet + diet bet recently + can i say i absolutely love them. these apps are major for those who need a push in the right direction + want to put their money where their mouth is. so let me break it down.

both apps {same owner obv} you bet a certain amount of $ per “game” + if you win, you get your money back + you split the money of the losers as well.

diet bet – this app encourages you to lose 4% of your body fat every 4 weeks. this is called kickstarter. then they have transformers which encourages you to lose 10% in 6 months. i’ve done a few kickstarters so far as this is more in line with my current goals. yes, i hate the word diet, but i love the concept of these apps so don’t judge me.

step bet – this app encourages you to stay active! you are given specific goals based on your history {via apple watch or fitbit} you need to have 4 active days {usually right in line or 100 or so over your normal days} per week + 2 stretch days {usually 1000 or so over your normal day} per week. you get 1 rest day per week as well.

so basically if ya gotta dolla {really averages more like $25-40 per bet} you can totally up your game with these apps! xoxo

Allison OBrien
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