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31 Jan

my first 30 days on keto

okay, so i did a thing. in the new year, as we prepare to evaluate the year ending, we always look back + think of what we accomplished, maybe what we can do better, + we decide on things to work on in the new year ahead. well, as i reflected on 2017, i was honestly happy. happy with my progress, happy with my weight loss, happy with my dedication, i could honestly say i wanted to take everything from 2017 into 2018 with me. i also became afraid. afraid of a plateau in my weight loss journey when i had a long way to go. a plateau in my body changes. so i mixed it up!

i had been toying around the idea of cutting carbs so i would have a bit more energy to increase my workouts from twice a day three days a week to three times a day five days a week. if you’ve been following me for a while, you know my motivation behind my journey is my overall health to be able to carry and enjoy life with future children. i had heard a lot about the ketogenic lifestyle balancing out hormones + providing a ton of other benefits i was craving! so i researched the topic to death {like i do for all things} met some amazing resource who i still utilize today {shout out to my girl rebecca for being a kick ass accountability partner + dropping her keto knowledge on me always + to dani who is a certified nutritionist + literally has the BEST facebook group for keto resources! she will tell you how it is, from her own experience too! talk about practicing what you preach!}

so basically, i eat 20-25 net carbs a day, focus on increasing fiber, decreasing sugar, + on intake of healthy fats {coconut oil, avocado, cheeses etc.} this has been relatively easy for me since in 2017 i focused on clean eating. i can honestly say after 30 days following the keto lifestyle, it has changed the game for me! i dropped 14lbs in january but also 13 inches!! it has given me tons of additional energy + the ability to crush my workouts every single day!

so tell me … what has the first month of 2018 brought for you? i still have trouble believing were already a month in! i can’t wait to hit my end goal in 2018! xoxo

Allison OBrien
  • Rebecca Willey

    LOVE this! You are so inspiring and I love being your accountability partner! This keto journey is LIFE and we are committed AF to accomplishing our goals! Big things in 2018 girl, BIG THINGS!

    January 31, 2018 at 9:30 pm Reply
  • Katie Holmes

    Allison you are truly an inspiration and you certainly keep me being accountable with your fantastic achievements! Go girl! Hit 2018 with a fantastic bang!

    January 31, 2018 at 10:10 pm Reply

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